Cuckold message board cuckold dating

Louis Cuck King In October 2014, 4chan users began referring to comedian. Louis C.K. as Louis Cuck King, accompanied by criticisms of his stand-up routines which some interpreted as being anti-white or promoting cuckoldry.

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Meme Status Confirmed Year 2007 Origin Urban Dictionary Tags interracial breeding grounds, 4chan, moot, internet slang, louie c.k., cuck, cuckhold. Additional References Urban Dictionary Wikipedia Cuck, short for cuckold, is a term referring to a man with a female significant.

Cuckold message board cuckold dating

moot) as a cuck after discovering photographs of a female friend of his with another man. On December 7th, 4chan users reported that the word cuck was being redacted from posts on the sites /pol/ (politics) board.

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Cuckold message board cuckold dating

On August 25th, 2014, Gjoni participated in an. AMA thread on the /r/Drama subreddit, where he discussed being called a beta cuck and posted a photoshopped image of Quinn and several men with the caption Cuck Tales (shown below).

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